Harrisburg Update

The upcoming show in Harrisburg, PA on June 18th will not take place next month. Please stay tuned for more information to come. Learn more here.

Black Madonna

Watch the new music video for “Black Madonna” now!

In a time where people are looking for connection more than ever, and with it not being possible, it forces a new perspective. This music video was directed by lead singer Matthew Shultz and edited entirely over Zoom during the quarantine/social distancing. The project started when COVID-19 began gaining traction and forced remote production so we repurposed a lot of existing never-before-seen footage/up-cycled content to make something new. Additionally, we worked with 15 collaborators over the past 8 weeks to have them contribute or create content, also while in isolation. The collaborators included some of the top up-and-coming photographers and directors across the globe (i.e. Josh Charow, Andrea Gavazzi, Landon Yost, Citizen Kane Wayne) all the way to an award-winning Guggenheim fellow and Academy Award-nominee, Kasumi.

Director: Matthew Shultz
Executive Producers: Daniel Oakley + Matthew Shultz
Director of Photography: Mika Matin
Assistant Director: Sophia Lauer
Director of Still Photography / Analog FX: Citizen Kane Wayne
Editor / VFX: Michael Rees
Set Designer / SFX Makeup: Ben Rittenhouse
Production Coordinator: Jenna Mitchell
Gaffer: Bennett Self
Wardrobe / Seamstress: Elliott Weaver
Makeup: Erin Strange
Josh Charow
Citizen Kane Wayne
Matt Emmi
Andrea Gavazzi
Pooneh Ghana
Sophia Lauer
Mika Matin
Dante Norris
Sarah Penson
Ben Rittenhouse
Lyrie Wang
Elliott Weaver
Landon Yost