Social Cues?

Social Cues? 615-235-5440

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Director Matthew Shultz

Editing and Digital FX by Michael Rees 

Analog FX Citizen Kane Wayne. 

DPs Landon Yost and Josh Charow

Band performance Taped at Adult Swim’s FishCenter Live in Atlanta, GA

Additional footage shot at Goodlettsville, TN Antique Mall and other various locations. 

“Social Cues (Hide Me In The Back Room)” [Amazon Original]

Cage The Elephant are pleased to release the reimagined version of “Social Cues” – available only on Amazon Music.

Listen to “Social Cues (Hide Me In The Back Room) [Amazon Original]” here.

From Matt: “As a band, we really enjoyed being given the opportunity to reimagine the song ‘Social Cues,’ even to the point of renaming the track. As a band, we very much believe this is where music is heading, an ever-evolving process that includes a blending of genres, even genre-dissolving. So, it was a first step of many and we’re very much looking towards the future of creative works.”

“Social Cues (Hide Me In The Back Room)” [Amazon Original]