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Dec 07 2015
Tell Me I’m Pretty: Artwork Project

We’ve asked our favorite artists to create artwork based solely on lyrics from the new album Tell Me I’m Pretty and without hearing the music itself. Over the coming weeks, we will share their artwork and want you to create your own pieces. To submit any artwork, please click here.

Be on the lookout for a special announcement from Tumblr regarding a special event we will be hosting in December…

We were at the table by the window with the view
Casting shadows the sun was pushing through
Spoke a lot of words I don’t know if I spoke the truth

TROUBLE Nikki Cahill

Artwork by Nikki Cahill

# # #

Well we pinned your missing person picture up on every mother-loving post
How’s it feel to be a ghost
You’re the one I love most

Sweetie Little Jean by Alexander Rehnstrom.jpg

# # #

The heat is rising and only getting hotter
Ready to blow
I think I’ll pour myself a glass of water
Let it flow

Artwork by Felice Zhukov

MESS AROUND BY Jon Frederiksen

Artwork by Jon Frederiksen
22×30 inches


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