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Apr 09 2014
Take It Or Leave It

Take It Or Leave It…?

Follow Cage The Elephant on Instagram & let the band know if you would #TakeIt or #LeaveIt!

PB Banana Mayo Sammich V2

Cloning Dinosaurs TIOLI

Polyester Anything TIOLI

Killer Clowns TIOLI

Mom Jeans TIOLI

CTE MonkeyonRollerSkates V2 TIOLI

TIOLI stache

Smoking In Bed Marilyn Monroe

White Russians TIOLI V2b

Bowies Boots TIOLI WHITE

Greasers TIOLI


Riding Ponies

Pomade TIOLI

Shaving Babies

Lava Lamps

Water Beds V5

Shag Carpet V2

Watch the music video for “Take It Or Leave It” here:

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