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Mar 21 2014
Lincoln Update

Hello to all the wonderful people who have supported Cage The Elephant over the years,

Your love and support have impacted our lives more then you’ll probably ever know.  I, (Matt), can’t even begin to count how many times you have shared stories with me; personal details about your lives that have nearly brought tears to my eyes and now I’d like to take this time to address something that is very personal to us as Cage The Elephant. During the past six months many of you have noticed Lincoln has been absent from the bands live performances.  Back in October of 2013 Lincoln informed us of his decision to part from the band after going back out on tour and realizing that life on the road was something he no longer wanted, while also wanting to pursue other interests. It was an extremely difficult decision for Lincoln to make and for all of us a trying time.  Now, with Cage The Elephant moving forward, we all support Lincoln in his pursuit of happiness and purpose.  We’ve always loved him like a brother and we always will.

Stepping in on lead guitar for our upcoming tour is Nick Bockrath from Philadelphia, and playing the part of keyboards is Matthan Minister from Portland, Oregon. Hope you give them a nice round of applause when you do come out and see them play with us!


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