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Jul 25 2013
New Album

Cage The Elephant are currently in the studio finishing their third album. Produced by Jay Joyce, the album is due out this Fall on RCA Records.

From Matt:

“When we set out to make this record we had a few different vague ideas for what direction we wanted to move in musically, but as usual the end result turned out nothing like what we had originally envisioned. There was an element of playfulness and swagger absent on our last record that unexpectedly began to surface. At the same time the songs had a more inner-directed and reflective sound. Finally, we started experimenting with combining the two polar elements.”

“Every time we make a record we go to war with ourselves as individuals and as a collective. We try to remain true to our convictions and in the end, we have to let go and let the record speak for its self. Letting go is the easy part, getting to that point is the struggle.”

Additional information on the forthcoming release will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Cage The Elephant

Photo by Colin Lane

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